Friday, 5 June 2009

Bird Books for Babies

This was a lovely custom order to make: bird books for (the moms of) little children. Pere gets a green, orange and turquoise bird. For Milena, Magalí and Marçal I appliqued birds in reds, pinks and greens.

Especially embroidering the names neatly took forever but I like how it turned out. Next time, though, I should perhaps use thinner thread or heavier fabric.

I immensely enjoy adding all the little details:

These are coptic bound books with heavy high quality white paper and coloured cardstock. They measure 14cm x 11cm, or 5.5" x 4.3". The books were intended as gifts so I made matching little cards.


  1. Supersweet! Who doesn't like birds? :)
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. It looks great :) I like the paper as card as well!

  3. beautiful, really extraordinary books with embroidered names give. :))) love the color too

  4. What a whole lot of beauty! I love the embroidery!
    ~Emily xx

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    You make gorgeous books!

    Julie xox

  6. So very nice little books! It's great to see your embroidery, I'm very fond of this technique right now. Yes, it's time consuming but relaxing if you're not in a hurry:)


  7. Thanks all of you! Spot on Karuski, time consuming but relaxing... I still plan to make quicker books too and fill up the shop. But all these custom orders (more coming up!) are so rewarding to do. There should be more hours in a day...

  8. Those are gorgeous! I think the embroidery is just perfect.

  9. Oohhhh wowwwwww!!!
    Theses bird books are GREAT =)
    Love it!!!

  10. Hej,

    Hoe gaat het met je dochtertje?


  11. Thanks all!!
    Marta, dank het gaat heel goed, ze is helemaal beter. Gefeliciteerd, je laptop sleeves gaan goed, zie ik!


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