Friday, 22 May 2009

Easter Gifts Inspired by Nature

A hot summer seems to have arrived in northern Spain but I'd like to glance back at Easter, if I may. I joined in the Secret Easter Bunny swap (which I blogged about on 17 and 28 March) but so did Paperfection-Holland, aka my sister Tamara.

She was paired up with Jealousy Design, a Swedish artist who creates beautiful jewellery. Jealousy uses natural materials. Her style is, as she puts it herself, 'very variable but often pretty clean design'. At first this scared Tamara a bit because she herself usually makes lavishly ornate and colourful origami objects. So, what to do?

I think she came up with a very elegant version of her star garlands using paper in earth tones, shells, wooden beads and seeds.
A complementary keychain:
Tamara, in turn, received a beautiful pair of earrings from Zsuzsa of ZsBcreations: glass flowers in delicate pink, silver leaves and turquoise swarovski beads. Totally her style! Thank you Zsuzsa! Thanks again Mitsy for facilitating this exchange.


  1. Mooi dat bruin!

    Welkom terug trouwens! :-)

  2. Dank je Marta, tijdje ondergesneeuwd geweest onder custom orders, dus dat is ook positief..! Zal snel wat laten zien. Hoe gaan de laptophoezen?

  3. Ah.. ja ik vond die vorige (van de bruiloft) erg mooi ook! Ben benieuwd dus!

    Vandaag weer een laptophoes verkocht! Morgen inpakken en dan weer off to the USA ;) Dus gaat nog goed. :)

    Doen de druiven het goed?

  4. Ohh, I only see this now! Super! I'm glad both of you participated in the Easter bunny swap!
    Santa Claus is coming closer... :)

  5. That star garland is really lovely. :) Sounds like a fun exchange!


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