Friday, 22 May 2009

Easter Gifts Inspired by Nature

A hot summer seems to have arrived in northern Spain but I'd like to glance back at Easter, if I may. I joined in the Secret Easter Bunny swap (which I blogged about on 17 and 28 March) but so did Paperfection-Holland, aka my sister Tamara.

She was paired up with Jealousy Design, a Swedish artist who creates beautiful jewellery. Jealousy uses natural materials. Her style is, as she puts it herself, 'very variable but often pretty clean design'. At first this scared Tamara a bit because she herself usually makes lavishly ornate and colourful origami objects. So, what to do?

I think she came up with a very elegant version of her star garlands using paper in earth tones, shells, wooden beads and seeds.
A complementary keychain:
Tamara, in turn, received a beautiful pair of earrings from Zsuzsa of ZsBcreations: glass flowers in delicate pink, silver leaves and turquoise swarovski beads. Totally her style! Thank you Zsuzsa! Thanks again Mitsy for facilitating this exchange.
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