Saturday, 28 February 2009

16 Things We Love

Glasfaden asked us to show sixteen things about ourselves and then to tag someone else. She did the same on her blog.

So here are 16 things we love:
1. Our daughter & niece.
2. Observing.
3. Snow-capped mountains.
4. Tapas & also good wine.
5. Mr Paper & also Mr Fection.
6. Making books & ornaments.
7. Cats Frits (pictured), Tommie & Evie.
8. Smiles.
9. Games, having fun & a little competition.
10. More smiles.
11. Colours.
12. Trying new materials & techniques.
13. Cakes, the more sugary, fruity & chocolaty, the better!
14. Themes & colour collections.
15. Even more smiles!
16. Trying more new materials & techniques.

Makalewakan, Lapaperie, Huismus, Paperiaarre and Lacunawork, you've been tagged to show 16 pics about you too!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Birth of Paperfection

In the pre-Paperfection era we always had a piece of paper, a pair of scissors or a crayon in our hands. So when big sister fell pregnant little sister invented her own nine-month project and started crafting a huge welcome present for the baby.
Now the little one's bedroom features a stunning mobile: sixteen intricate origami balls dangling from a mosaic-tiled cross and finished off with beads and bells.

A year earlier big sis needed ten presents for her girlfriends who she was meeting on a decadent trip to Gran Canaria. She learned how to bind books coptic style from the internet and bound, painted and sewed a series of cutesy little friendship books.
Soon after, when everyone in the family had all the journals and origami decorations they could stand, we decided to set our creations loose in the larger world. Paperfection was born!
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