Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Big Books for Little Ladies

Three large albums, personalized to reflect the characters of
their prospective young owners: ethereal Estel, animated Aitana
and merry Maria.
These books could be called 'memory albums' because they are meant for collecting photographs, memories and keepsakes throughout their entire childhoods.
Their mother and grandmother gave me carte blanche as to
the decoration of the books. I thoroughly enjoyed collecting, combining and moving around the materials, and then cutting and drilling and finally sewing them in place. Hope the girls like them!
More pictures on flickr.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tamara's Origami 'Made the Paper'

Tamara made it to the local newspaper!
A very nice article (on page 6), in Dutch, describing how she discovered her passion for origami and how she makes her
highly decorative modular balls and star garlands.

While nothing was going on on this particular blog, Tamara was
busy setting up and producing and selling
more and more of her creations.

This blogpost is not really about self-promotion, is it...,
as this is the proud sister typing it. :-D
Go sis!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sweet Little Madelief Remembered

Tamara’s friends Marieke & Richard came to her with a very special request: would she make a remembrance garland for their beautiful little daughter Madelief? Madelief was only physically with her parents and sister for a day, a short but very intensely lived and loved life. Marieke & Richard described the intimacy shared with Madelief this way: ‘So much love in one day, that is what happiness is, that is what it means to live...’
The star garland, partially made of the birth announcement cards, now adorns a highly personalized little altar where a candle is kept burning for Madelief.
Madelief is such an appropriate name too: a madelief is a daisy. The poet Chaucer called this perfect little flower the ‘eye of the day’. Indeed, its yellow centre resembles the sun, an eye looking up at the heavens. On top of that lief in Dutch means sweet, lovely.
We hesitated to write this article, but Marieke assured us she is comfortable with this. They want their perfect little girl to be remembered as much as possible. Marieke, Richard and Fien, you’re so brave! Lots of love to you. May Madelief continue to keep an eye on you from the heavens.

Friday, 26 February 2010

In Good (European) Company

Etsy is setting up an office in Berlin, to promote Etsy crafters and artists to European audiences. Matt and Benedikta are decorating their workspace with all manner of hand made delights, so cool! Also cool: their blogpost features Tamara's yummy chocolate origami ball and she's in good company:A bite, anyone?
Thanks, Marta, for updating us!

Friday, 19 February 2010

New: Cards with Colourful Buntings!

Happy to finally list new items in the shop: cards with little buntings! These are definitely faster to make than books, and fun too! The only thing was: I couldn't find the right size envelopes anywhere in town or in my fairly large supplies. So, I just made a couple from wallpaper. They combine quite well with the cards, don't you think?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Paper Dress Museum: Paper & Perfection

The Paperfection sisters were together again, this time in Spain! We got some new stuff done for the shop and a custom remembrance garland (more on this in a later post). On top of this, we paid a visit to the paper dress museum: Museu de Vestits de Paper in Mollerussa. We were blown away! The things some people can do with paper!These stunning dresses were made for an annual competition and were paraded on the catwalk. Now they're on display for all to see and you just wouldn't believe they consist entirely of paper! The rules are quite strict: nothing but paper, metallic or laminated papers are excluded. No glue is allowed whatsoever; the garments must be sewn, either by hand or on a machine.
A particularly spectacular piece was a replica of Princess Laeticia's wedding dress. The front and the four meter train were embroidered with gold and silver thread and depict fleur-de-lis, wheat, clover and strawberry. Even the veil is made of nothing but paper: thousands of meters of thin strips of crepe paper were rolled into thread and then crocheted. The tiara and jewellery are made of... paper too! And, yes, that's Queen Elizabeth II's coronation gown in the background.
Other dresses even featured paper bobbin lace. Imagine the hours spent on one dress! I understand many dresses are the work of professional costume designers but anyone who's up for a challenge can join the next competition, at the end of this year. The categories are: dresses of an epoch, contemporary fashion and fantasy. Luckily for all the busy bees, there's also a paper dress contest for Barbie...
My oh my, this is what I call paperfection..!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sign the Petition to Make Biological Food Taxfree

For our Dutch readers: I just came across an initiative by Leo Dijkgraaf. He wants politicians to decide making all biological food products tax-free for consumers for at least two years. The idea is as follows: this healthier food will become more popular, prices will drop, more people will be able to afford it, et cetera. I think this is great! If you do too: please sign his petition at
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