Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sweet Little Madelief Remembered

Tamara’s friends Marieke & Richard came to her with a very special request: would she make a remembrance garland for their beautiful little daughter Madelief? Madelief was only physically with her parents and sister for a day, a short but very intensely lived and loved life. Marieke & Richard described the intimacy shared with Madelief this way: ‘So much love in one day, that is what happiness is, that is what it means to live...’
The star garland, partially made of the birth announcement cards, now adorns a highly personalized little altar where a candle is kept burning for Madelief.
Madelief is such an appropriate name too: a madelief is a daisy. The poet Chaucer called this perfect little flower the ‘eye of the day’. Indeed, its yellow centre resembles the sun, an eye looking up at the heavens. On top of that lief in Dutch means sweet, lovely.
We hesitated to write this article, but Marieke assured us she is comfortable with this. They want their perfect little girl to be remembered as much as possible. Marieke, Richard and Fien, you’re so brave! Lots of love to you. May Madelief continue to keep an eye on you from the heavens.
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