Saturday, 28 March 2009

Crochet Flower Books

One of the good things about Art School was: building up a repertoire of skills. So that when you want a specific idea to materialize you have this wide spectrum to choose from whether it is painting, linocuts, using computer programmes or any other method or material.
Only after studying graphic design did I take up some techniques
I considered to be a little too frivolous back then: bookbinding, sewing and now crochet too. But these open up an entirely new range of possibilities, especially once you start combining them. Such fun!

These are my first crochet flower journal and...
I just love coordinated sets of handmade items. So, my Easter Bunny suprise package for Viltalakim also included a crocheted flower brooch. Kim teaches floristry and loves reds, purples and pinks.
She makes amazing wet felt creations herself.

Paperfection Holland, my sister Tamara, (who participated separately in the Secret Easter Gift Exchange - we'll blog about that soon!) threw in an origami keychain in matching colours. The soft toy is also the first of many I sense that are going to materialize...


  1. I think it all looks fantastic! Thanks for being such a great Easter bunny, Tamara!
    I think it's a great idea to add your crochet work to your books. Looks wonderful! :)

  2. How nice! I love the bird :)

    I want to hear everyting about your easter exchange :)

  3. btw :) kan jij mij leren hoe ik 3 kolommen maak bij mijn blog? :S

  4. I am the lucky person who got all this beautyfull stuff!
    Thank you very much! You really spoiled me with this amazing book. I love all the different crafts united in one piece

  5. Thanks, ladies!
    O jee, Marta, ik weet het niet precies meer, ik heb er een html code voor gevonden op internet. Ik mail je apart hierover!

  6. It all looks so happy and colorful!

  7. I think it looks wonderful!!

  8. Ik heb even gegoogled. En het is gelukt! :) Dank voor de tip!

  9. Die laatste op etsy (weddingguestbook) is weer fantastisch! :)

    Ik vind je tekeningetjes altijd leuk :)


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