Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring: Life's Alive in Everything

I'd say Spring is well underway for Paperfection-Spain in the Southern Pyrenees! 'It is when life's alive in everything', the poet Christina Rossetti said. The almonds are blossoming (2); they paint the valley with delicate pinks and snowy whites. In my living room cherry branches are flowering too and on my balcony I have some early basil and water cress (3). A few apple seeds I planted for fun are sprouting! All this inspires me to finish two tree books I've been working on (4). And I made a flower brooch for granny's birthday (5). Meanwhile, Paperfection-Holland got soaked again riding her bike to work. She tries to invoke spring by folding countless green stars (9). At the hot springs of Boí hundreds of toads were busy creating new life some three weeks ago (6). We marveled at them, photographed them, and Paper-Holland listed froggy earrings shortly after (7). Spring is also alive in my lemon curd (8): a yummy fresh mix of lemon rind and juice, butter, sugar and eggs. It has the soft yellow colour of newborn chicks.

(1) is a spring poster I made a couple of years ago with almond blossom and a dreamy little fairy. It was never printed so I thought I'd get it out just once more. Let spring come!


  1. Wow, you have succeeded in planting apple seeds, congrats! I'm just about to plant some summer flowers to give them a safe start. Can't place them outside before late May or early June though:)


  2. Cant wait until it is warm enough here in sweden to do some garden work.

  3. Beautiful post!!! spring is really around...can't wait...!!!!

  4. It isn't raining here!! :P It's a beautiful spring day. I might even start planting some seeds myself (a bit late this year brrr)

  5. ahhh, yes spring is definately on the iberian pensinsula .. are you basking in the heat too at the moment?? it's like summer!

    great pic's and sorry to hear that your sister has to ride her bike in the rain!

  6. True, Marta, that was last week..! Today was gorgeous indeed, we're all in Holland right now. We arrived on a rainy day, but we've forgotten about that now. Springtime!


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