Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Surprise & Supplies!

Goodie, goodies! We're so grateful: one day we received a huge package from India and Nepal, the next an enormous one from
The Netherlands. From whom?

Tamara, my Paperfection sister, traveled to Nepal and India and is sharing some of the bounty with us. A beautiful bright pashmina,
an embroidered kameez that I love, a cute dress and bangles for her niece, tasty teas, prayer flags, and even some Japanese foods from Holland that I cannot find out here. Also.. some exquisite silks for bookbinding, though I'm not sure about cutting them up just yet!My parents spoiled us with yummy cookies, foods, books, and gifts for our little girl. Even the tablecloth, with a game printed on, was in the box. And, there were fabrics, ribbons and an assortment of wallpaper samples for my books! I use the latter for the inside covers or first pages of my minibooks, I think this looks really funky:Life's also abundant out in the wild. We picked heaps and heaps of blackberries, a few figs, wild fennel... And now I'm happily jamming and chutneying away. A friend suggested blackberry ice cream,
I think I'll give this a try too! I've only labeled and decorated my peach jam jars, so far, so here's a picture. (There's a tutorial coming up about this!)


  1. :) love packages :)

    ............ and home made jam :)

    Wat leuk van Tamara en het aanzoek he! :-)

  2. o my stars how totally fabulous!!!!!!!

    i so want to go to Nepal!!!

  3. wow wish I got such a parcel ! and those jams look yummy !

  4. wow, lovely goodies you got!!
    and can't wait to see your jam tutorial!


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