Monday, 1 February 2010

Sign the Petition to Make Biological Food Taxfree

For our Dutch readers: I just came across an initiative by Leo Dijkgraaf. He wants politicians to decide making all biological food products tax-free for consumers for at least two years. The idea is as follows: this healthier food will become more popular, prices will drop, more people will be able to afford it, et cetera. I think this is great! If you do too: please sign his petition at


  1. Is biological food healthier? Is it better for us?? It is less efficient,takes more soil space.
    The way forwards is not to go backwards in time but to find sustainable better ways of growing food so we all can be fed. Not just the happy very rich few that have the luxury of choosing...

  2. Wow, Inger, that's a new take on it. What kind of other sustainable ways do you know of, what would you suggest?


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