Saturday, 28 February 2009

16 Things We Love

Glasfaden asked us to show sixteen things about ourselves and then to tag someone else. She did the same on her blog.

So here are 16 things we love:
1. Our daughter & niece.
2. Observing.
3. Snow-capped mountains.
4. Tapas & also good wine.
5. Mr Paper & also Mr Fection.
6. Making books & ornaments.
7. Cats Frits (pictured), Tommie & Evie.
8. Smiles.
9. Games, having fun & a little competition.
10. More smiles.
11. Colours.
12. Trying new materials & techniques.
13. Cakes, the more sugary, fruity & chocolaty, the better!
14. Themes & colour collections.
15. Even more smiles!
16. Trying more new materials & techniques.

Makalewakan, Lapaperie, Huismus, Paperiaarre and Lacunawork, you've been tagged to show 16 pics about you too!


  1. Wow, they are all lovely connections of you.
    Love seeing the great pics.

  2. Elzeline, this list looks lovely! Super-sweet girl, lots of smiles, creating and cakes. What more can one wish for? :-)

  3. Enjoyed yours! What a great idea. :)
    Thanks for the tag...I've posted mine over at my blog.



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